Group Postnatal Pilates classes are offered in Bristol and Stroud District and Private or semi private Mum and baby and Antenatal Pilates sessions can also be arranged in Bristol and Stroud District.

The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy.

Antenatal Pilates

The flexibility of the Pilates method makes it a safe and effective form of exercise throughout pregnancy. The exercises can be adapted for each trimester and can address certain issues that pregnancy may bring, such as back and pelvic pain.

Exercises can help support the ever changing body, maintain a healthy posture, release tension and, if you are planning an active labour, offer breathing techniques. Classes look at both engaging the pelvic floor to support the pregnancy and releasing the pelvic floor in preparation for childbirth. Exercises also focus on upper body strength to get ready for the demands of childcare.


Pilates is suitable to take up after your 12 week scan and up until the birth of your baby.

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Postnatal Pilates

Designated postnatal classes help to regain strength in the pelvic floor, retrain core muscles and rebalance posture after pregnancy and the daily effort of childcare. The gentle approach that Pilates offers will help to look after the stability of joints and safeguard against shoulder and back pain. Its holistic approach also offers a sense of emotional and physical well being.

Private / semi-private classes if you prefer a private session to focus on any post pregnancy issues, or would like a class for you and your friends please get in touch.

Postnatal group classes are suitable after your 6 week postnatal check, or 10 weeks if delivery was via c-section. All classes are arranged as a course, but you can join in at anytime. Classes are informal, relaxed and provide an opportunity to meet other new mums.

Classes are baby friendly. If your baby requires feeding or changing during the class, please feel free to do so. Postnatal Pilates Classes must be pre-booked as numbers are kept to a maximum of 12, to allow for individual attention and exercise progression. Please note that the discounted course fee guarantees your place each week and is non-refundable. Single drop in places are on a first come first served basis so please double check before attending.

2019 timetable

When Cost Venue
Mon12:15-13:15 £8 per class booked as a course. £10 single session. The Flamingo Centre 175 Southmead Road, Bristol, BS10 5DT
Tues13:45-14:30 £8 per class pre booked Chilled Out Children  Old White Hart, Berkeley, GL13 9BJ

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What to bring

Everything you need for your Pilates class will be provided, including mat, head cushion, block, and small equipment such as stretchy band and ball. Please wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in. No trainers are necessary – the classes are done in socks or barefoot. Note that babies do not participate in the class, so please bring a blanket so that your baby can lie next to you.

A general health questionnaire will be provided on booking and must be completed before attending a class. Spaces are limited so please get in touch to make your booking. Pay as you go single sessions must also be booked in advance.

What to expect

All of the exercises taught in class reflect the defining principles of Joseph Pilates legacy: concentration, control, breath, flowing movement, alignment and centring. Exercises will encourage slow, precise movements.

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