Corporate Pilates sessions are available by arrangement in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

A Pilates class could help start the working day, give a lunchtime boost, or ease tension at the end of the day.

A weekly Pilates class can fit in easily around business hours, or could be run as a one off, such as a Pilates taster session for a Health and Well-being programme.

Pilates is a great form of exercise for the workplace. It releases tension and postural problems, following desk and computer work, as well as heavy lifting and carrying. It aims to improve flexibility and strength, whilst easing stiffness and aches from repetitive movements.

What do you need

There is no need to shower after a Pilates class and trainers aren’t required as Pilates is practiced in socks or barefoot. Attendees would just need to wear stretchy, comfortable clothing.

All equipment for the class will be brought to your workplace, including mats, head cushions, sitting blocks, small balls and stretchy bands. All that is required is a room with clear floor space to lay out between 6-12 full length exercise mats. If there is not a suitable area on site, then a class can be arranged at a convenient location.

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Class fees will be dependent on numbers and venue, although classes would be kept to a maximum of 12 people to allow for individual attention to be given.

Corporate Pilates classes can be arranged with flexible payment options and can be run as an hours session, or as a 40 minute lunchtime class.

Course fees can be offered at a discounted rate to secure a place for the entire term. Please note that as places are guaranteed, the course fee should be paid in advance. Prepaid classes are also non-refundable.

Drop in classes can be made available at a higher premium to allow flexibility, but on a first come first serve basis.

What to expect

All of the exercises taught in class reflect the defining principles of Joseph Pilates legacy: concentration, control, breath, flowing movement, alignment and centring. Exercises will encourage slow, precise movements.

Find out more about the benefits of Pilates and read more about the principles of Pilates.

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