Pilates reawakens and re-educates your body, targets muscle imbalances and addresses poor posture. A balanced and aligned body has efficient movement and is less prone to injury.

You may leave work at the end of the day with aching, stiff joints, whether from a confined desk job, or physical labour. Pilates will tackle both under used, weak muscles and tight, strong ones – leaving long lean muscles that are flexible and strong.

By linking breath with movement Pilates helps integrate the mind and body for truly focused exercise. It’s a chance to exercise in the here and now. During a Pilates class you will be focused entirely on yourself, while you think about how you move and how an exercise feels. You will gain an increased body awareness both within and outside of your Pilates practice.

Join a complete exercise programme and work your body, front to back and head to toe. Allow your body time to move correctly, engage the right muscles with mindfulness, and the result is improved posture and easy movement, both in class and in your everyday life.

Begin your path to effortless, efficient movement, a balanced body that is both strong and flexible by joining a Pilates class.

I joined Leanne’s Pilates class on medical advice, as therapy for a long standing lower back problem. Leanne has been able to adapt the routines, taking care not to exacerbate the situation. The exercises have improved and stabilised my back, given me some exercises to use on my own when my back is troublesome, and have been fun!- Andrew