Leanne Grayshon

Pilates Foundation instructor

I first discovered Pilates in 2006. I was in a desk job, working on a computer, and was finding that I ached by the end of the day – as though I’d done a workout, but without actually moving. Poor desk posture and repetitive movements were beginning to manifest in back ache, sore wrists and hunched shoulders. I started attending a lunchtime Pilates class, from which I left feeling taller, more relaxed and released, despite having worked quite hard. I became more aware of my posture and began to correct a few bad habits. I discovered exercises that I could use when my muscles felt tight and had learnt, through technique, an easy form of movement that I could carry through to other exercise and daily life. I was hooked.

In 2012 I trained as a Pilates matwork teacher with Suzanne Scott and under the Pilates Foundation – a governing body for Pilates in the UK. I followed up this comprehensive training with a further specialist course to work with antenatal and postnatal women. I still continue to update and expand my knowledge of movement therapy with ongoing training and development courses.

I enjoy working with clients to achieve their goals, whether it’s to go camping without experiencing backache, to overcome an injury, or to strengthen the body during or after pregnancy. Whatever the reason behind starting Pilates practice it is rewarding to see clients develop body awareness and greatly benefit from the exercises.

To start your journey towards effortless movement and a balanced body that is both strong and flexible – join a Pilates class

Leanne is my 4th Pilates teacher and she’s the one I’m sticking with! Her instructions are clear and easy to understand, and she seems to have a sixth sense for knowing exactly when I need a reminder to breathe! – Amy


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