Private / semi private Pilates classes are available in Bristol and Stroud District. The exercises can be tailored to your specific needs with a personal home exercise programme provided.


The cost for a one hour class will vary according to number of people:
£40-£35 on a 1:1 basis / £20 per person for 2:1 / £15 per person 3:1 / £10 per person 4:1

What to bring

Everything you need for your Pilates class will be provided, including mat, head cushion, block, and small equipment such as stretchy band and ball. Please wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in. No trainers are necessary – the sessions are done in socks or barefoot.

A general health questionnaire will be provided on booking and must be completed before your session so that exercises can be tailored to your needs.

What to expect

All of the exercises will reflect the defining principles of Joseph Pilates legacy: concentration, control, breath, flowing movement, alignment and centring. Exercises will encourage slow, precise movements.

Private and semi private classes can be tailored to more specific goals and requirements, than in a group class environment.

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