Group Pilates classes are kept to a maximum of 12 so that individual attention can be given. This includes verbal and hands on cueing, as well as exercise demonstration. Classes are informal and friendly; so don’t be afraid to give Pilates a go if you have never tried it before. There are classes to suit all levels; beginners, mixed ability, and improvers


Learn the fundamentals of Pilates including; linking breath with movement, neutral joint alignment and how to work with control. Beginner classes are suitable for those new to Pilates, recovering from injury, or who prefer to work at a gentle pace. The beginner level will provide a sound foundation on which to build your Pilates practice.

2019 timetable

When Cost Venue
Mon10:30-11:30 £8 per class booked as a course. £10 drop in. Northcote Hall Great Brockeridge, Bristol, BS9 3TY
Tues10:30-11:30 £8 per class booked as a course. £10 drop in. Northcote Hall Great Brockeridge, Bristol, BS9 3TY

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Mixed Ability

A Pilates class that caters for all levels and abilities. Progressions are offered for each exercise so that you can work at a pace and that suits you. Mixed ability classes are suitable for all, however a basic knowledge of Pilates is assumed.

2019 timetable

When Cost Venue
Wed09:30-10:30 £8 per class booked as a course. £10 drop in. Stinchcombe Hall The Street, Dursley, GL11 6AW

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A dynamic progression from beginners, with greater challenges offered for each exercise. These Pilates classes are at a faster pace and some knowledge of the Pilates principles is assumed. Improver classes are therefore suitable for those with a basic understanding of Pilates and who wish to progress.

2019 timetable

When Cost Venue
Mon09:30-10:30 £8 per class booked as a course. £10 drop in. Northcote Hall Great Brockeridge, Bristol, BS9 3TY
Tues09:30-10:30 £8 per class booked as a course. £10 drop in. Northcote Hall Great Brockeridge, Bristol, BS9 3TY

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What to bring

Everything you need for your Pilates class will be provided, including mat, head cushion, block, and small equipment such as stretchy band and ball. Please wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in. No trainers are necessary – the classes are done in socks or barefoot. A general health questionnaire will be provided upon booking and must be completed before attending a class.

Group of women balancing

Leanne is an excellent teacher….the classes are well structured and she is always careful to ensure the level is right, and will adjust things if people have particular health problems. Her instructions are very clear, and the whole class has a welcoming, warm atmosphere. I have benefited hugely from the exercises, and would recommend her classes to anyone of any age – Jane


Course fees are at a discounted rate and will secure your place for the entire term. Please note that as your place is guaranteed, the fee must be paid in advance. Prepaid classes are also non-refundable. In the event of a missed class, an alternative catch up session will be agreed where possible, providing there is space within the term and the level is appropriate. New clients can join partway through their first term at a pro-rata rate. For clients with no prior experience of Pilates a 1:1 is strongly recommended before joining an existing course.

Drop in classes are available, but on a first come first serve basis. As spaces are limited it is essential that you pre-book to avoid disappointment. Booking can be on the day of the class.

What to expect

All of the exercises taught in class reflect the defining principles of Joseph Pilates legacy: concentration, control, breath, flowing movement, alignment and centring. Exercises will encourage slow, precise movements.

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